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As of today (Nov. 8, 2010) this blog will be a series of post following my journey in life. Don't worry, I lack any real Christian credibility ( other than loving Christ) so there will be no preaching, only reflecting on my daily struggles to be a good Christian, a decent wife, an OUTSTANDING mother and an ok person. Feel free to judge!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye, Kanye

I love Taylor Swift. I don't love Kanye. That being said, I am very disappointed in the way Mr. West has been vilified by viewers who witnessed his outburst at the VMAs Sunday. 
Given: Kanye is arrogant, outspoken and known for his inappropriate outbursts. And yes, Swift is the picture of sweet wholesome American goodness and didn't deserve to have her moment taken from her. But after digesting the situation how can we still  hate on Kanye. He apologized three times. Its over. But the fans go on.
I understand people are offended, but I'm sad his fans and peers have been so harsh and so quick to judge him. We all saw the photos of him walking around taking a bottle of Henny to the head. I'm sure producers of the VMAs saw him too and I'm sure they were back stage salivating as he approached the stage, waiting for an iconic VMA moment.
I'm sad nobody seems to care that this man recently lost his mother and is clearly working some issues out and we can't cut him any slack for an inappropriate moment, he actually admitted was wrong and apologized for. 
I'm very sad that we are so quick to judge without even considering what another human being is going through.
Taylor forgave him. Why can't America?

PS: SO NOT mad at Obama for calling him a Jackass!!! It was off the record and a totally real moment for our leader. I called him some names too y'all, but after seeing the cards stacked against him ... I let it go.
A LITTLE  mad at Kelly Clarkson. Seriously, WTF. Mind ya business. You really seemed to take his graceless moment a little too personally? Whose huggin' you sista?
AGAIN, not a Kanye West fan, seriously, just a fan of human compassion.