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As of today (Nov. 8, 2010) this blog will be a series of post following my journey in life. Don't worry, I lack any real Christian credibility ( other than loving Christ) so there will be no preaching, only reflecting on my daily struggles to be a good Christian, a decent wife, an OUTSTANDING mother and an ok person. Feel free to judge!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Seriously lawmakers?

Reading a story about the end of the Missouri legislative session and I come across a bullet at the end of the story about a new abortion law awaiting passage. If state lawmakers have their way, women in Missouri will be required to see an ultrasound and hear a heartbeat before being allowed to have an abortion. SERIOUSLY? I can't fathom a situation where I would want to have an abortion, but I imagine that people taking this decision lightly are in the minority. If a woman has gotten to a point where she has decided she cannot support a child and cannot afford a pregnancy. Why make her go through more anguish. I don't think the law should be allowed to guilt women into changing their minds, there are enough private groups covering that territory.
I know not every issue is race related, but this whole ordeal calls to mind an article I was hipped to last week that connected the anti abortion movement to the want to breed more 'white babies'. It's sounds extreme, I know, but then you see how invested they seem to be in other people's business and it's like 'What's the real deal?' I don't know, check out the article, connect it to my thoughts, see if your mind makes the same connection.
Are Anti-Abortion Groups Targeting Black Women?