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As of today (Nov. 8, 2010) this blog will be a series of post following my journey in life. Don't worry, I lack any real Christian credibility ( other than loving Christ) so there will be no preaching, only reflecting on my daily struggles to be a good Christian, a decent wife, an OUTSTANDING mother and an ok person. Feel free to judge!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Clean slate

Is it because I spend so much time online, that the devil uses it to trap me? Or is it because I'm so rooted in Christ that I can see the attacks coming?  I'm thinking it's both! Regardless of the messenger, I am once again, back on a Facebook rant.
Today's ramblings are brought to you by young women with too much time!
So, my story begins on New Year's Eve. I, sitting in front of my computer, waiting on a late story for the holiday paper, was perusing through Facebook statuses seeing how my peers were ringing in the new year.
Most were cherishing time spent with their family, friends, coworkers ... but there's always that one.
You know the one. The annoying, unknown acquaintance who you couldn't pick out in a line-up "friend" who went to school with you, or before you, or just happens to be friends with 80% of your friends. This is a person you don't really know, but thought 'whatever' when their friend request came across your profile. These people are a waste of your virtual time and space. They serve no purpose but to add numbers to your friend count. You should delete them. I should delete them.
This is the lesson I learned in the wee hours of the new year.
So, I'm scrolling through posts of blessings and "happy new year's " when I was assaulted with a slew of expletives wishing a very sarcastic blessing to no one in particular.
I was appalled.
When posting anything on my wall, I try to consider all eyes that may fall on my profile, that's just common courtesy. But why in the world would you start a new year off with a curse? It was really not what I needed to be reading as I sat at work counting down the hours  until I could be with my family.
I know I shouldn't judge, and I'm not, that just really turned me off.
So I deleted her. I then preceded to delete other little negative Nancys.
My advice to you, cut those with no value to your mission out of your life. I know it sounds harsh and judgemental, but it's really just common sense.
If your friend is going through something, let them know that you are there for them, but if they can't bring anything to the table but hatred and self-loathing, you are going to have to take a break.
I felt better, cutting loose the haters. I bet you will too.


  1. I have read this post over and over again....thank you. How timely and appropriate-- I could not agree with you more. Part of my preparations for the new year involved a massive Facebook delete. It was cleansing and therapeutic.

    Additionally, in 2010 I cut two people out of my life [one whom I once cared deeply about and the other not so much], and it was such a RELIEF. Life is so calm and rewarding now, especially since I've made the decision to surround myself with quality individuals. It sounds cliche but if a person never has anything nice to say....then they probably aren't being kind to you behind your back.

    As you said, it truly is appalling how some people have no lives. The aforementioned individuals aren't even worth dignifying with more than a sentence-- but they couldn't just accept the end of a friendship and move on-- and I am still being harassed. Get over it.

    Here's to 2011 and thankfully there are no more haters to cut loose! ;)

  2. I agree june! I cut one evil person out of my life, and its been super nice reading facebook and myspace without rolling my eyes at all the lies and hypocrisy out there.

    I even had one psycho that constantly talked about foods and dieting and then claimed she was a vegan, and all that while she had a blog dedicated to cheese!!! Hilarious!

    I even have to chance my passwords monthly. Weird how a computer with google chrome and windows 7 was logging into my accounts with a particular IP address that wasn't mine...

    Gotta be careful! crack is wack!

  3. Its funny how some people just can't let something go and leave the past in the past though. I mean who wants to talk about 2010 over and over again, unless its to bring up some made up facts about certain situations that weren't at all what really happen.

    SAY FOR INSTANCE you instigated a fight, and weren't happy with the outcome.....you can't simply ignore the fact that you instigated the fight, and continually post things to get a reaction out of the people involved, and then complain that they are........reacting. If you don't want people to bother you, then just stop talking about it all together. It doesn't take a totally useless degree from the university of memphis to figure that out. Admit you started it, you instigated it, and the only reason it continues is that comment right there where YOU say YOU deleted someone and that it was aa RELIEF and you're doing much better because you surround yourself with "quality" individuals. That comment was clearly intended to barb the one you're talking about, and you simply can't be stupid enough to think you don't deserve to be put in your place you spoiled little bitch.

  4. i deal with some of the same things! i also did a massive cleansing of those not worthy of my friendship! :)

    but another problem i have is complete immaturity, especially from those who claim to either have or be close to getting a degree.. i hope to god that doesnt happen. I mean, if one thing happens between friends, its the ones that cant let it go that remind me how much better i am than them. if girls would learn sometimes just to quit, things might be more peaceful! and i have learned that ignoring the ignorant who excessively harass and post blogs about other people is the most annoying but effective way to go. it obviously only fuels their fire. but it also lets me know that they obviously have no life other than to sit around and blog excessively, make fake profiles just to harass... those are the ones that need help. and i feel nothing but sorry for them! sometimes you just have to let people go. and if you cant, i believe its called obsession?

    it takes away from life to have to deal with idiots like that! sometimes it may be hard, but you do have to just cut them out! :)

  5. "if girls would learn sometimes just to quit, things might be more peaceful! "

    "Additionally, in 2010 I cut two people out of my life [one whom I once cared deeply about and the other not so much], and it was such a RELIEF. Life is so calm and rewarding now, especially since I've made the decision to surround myself with quality individuals.
    As you said, it truly is appalling how some people have no lives. The aforementioned individuals aren't even worth dignifying with more than a sentence-- but they couldn't just accept the end of a friendship and move on-- and I am still being harassed. Get over it."

    the both of you need to take your own advice you stupid idiots.

    NO ONE BRINGS IT UP BUT YOU!!! so i guess if you don't want to hear about it,.......stop typing it out. BRILLIANT!!

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  8. I am so sorry for the two deletes, June....Serenity Now! Forgive me for wasting space. =)

  9. All you have to do is stop bringing it up, and you can't even do that. witless little child.

  10. Don't get too excited, Kristin. It wasn't about you. But since you are on everything I say like white on rice I would love your opinion-- it's a feminist issue. I know what an ardent feminist you are so I think you might have some pretty keen insight on this topic. The only reason I deleted it because I'm assuming that June, as a Christian, is pro-life. When I had my abortion you supported me wholeheartedly yet somebody hacked into your email and sent me these terrible messages-- complete with fetal development photos-- telling me what a horrible person I was. I know you would absolutely never do such a thing.....so I am wondering, feminist to feminist, what you think about those who claim to take a stand for women yet bend the rules when they see fit. Personally I think it's a disgrace to riot grrls everywhere. So even though that wasn't you, I am curious to know what you think about fake feminists making it look bad for the rest of us.

  11. excuse me, bitch kristin is it? I dont know you, and you dont know me.. so how dare you tell me to follow my own advice and call me an idiot. that was rude and disrespectful.. five months ago your best friend didn't get caught blowing your other best friends boyfriend on a group florida trip.. and hasn't let it go since even though the rest of my friends have been ignoring her for the entire five months.. so therefor you don't know my situation. your name suits you. that was super disrespectful..

  12. now that I read the comments, I know who you are! this if perfect! since you and her have the same hobbies would you like her contact info? you could probably form a club or something.. get jackets..

  13. "But since you are on everything I say like white on rice" really? really from the person that added all my friends and sent them all messages and repeatedly commented on THEIR blogs so i would see it? kinda like um....now?

    OH please. I know you're busy flattering yourself all the time, but that is just ridiculous. You started a blog comment talking about deleting two people out of your life in 2010 and how much of a RELIEF it was, and then you said you now surround yourself with quality people (is that supposed to be megan? pothead blood clot megan?). Clearly that comment was intended to barb Me, and don't even try to pretend you were innocent of that. You've got to admit what you've done and apologize.

    the two of you need to just stop.
    I just pity you.
    megan. no one's talking to you. just do a FAT BONG RIP and chill out dude.

    And no sloane, no one used my email to email you anything. Stop lying and twisting the truth to look like a victim. its so boring. LOL. However, I have been getting lots of password reset codes lately....know anything about that?

    either way after this comment i'm done. the two of you can pat each other on the back and tell each other whatever lies you need to hear to sleep well at night. just give it a rest already. no one cares who you cut out of your life, and bragging about how much better off you are is just proving that you're not.

  14. you are disgusting, child. i have met you twice.. and remember nothing about you. i guess at least i left an impression!
    call the tabloids! megan used to smoke pot, so 3 or 4 years down the road, lets throw that out there on someone's blog like the mature adults that we are in hopes of it being a big BURN!
    you are stupid.
    that was rude, disgusting, and you are a sad, sad person.

    actually, this might be a surprise to you, but the world doesnt revolve around you. i dont know you. like i said, i met you TWICE, the last being at LEAST 4 years ago when you stopped by a friends house and i happened to be there.. so that does not give you the right to say things like you know me.

    and if you weren't talking to me, then why did you reference something that came from my comment? again, stupid.

    and thirdly, again, to your surprise, there are other crazies out there just like you. actually, the one i was referencing, her name is ashley. shes psychotic too. and in her spare time, she likes to go on the internet and bring up things that she knows nothing about and pertain to nothing thats being talked about. she has also made up fake facebook profiles, a myspace profile, and apparently keeps a blog and writes non stop bashing other people. she plays on photoshop and makes pictures with disgusting subtitles, and also, when she has a problem with someone, contacts all their friends playing innocent and sweet with motives behind her act. so yes, there are others out there just like you. again, if you want her contact information im sure she would love to have a friend who is interested in the same things that she is.. (as you just proved by calling me a "pothead" because ive smoked pot before.. and the fact that you think you know me enough to state that!)

    i apologize to the owner of this blog. this is the last comment i will make. i found this post, as well as others interesting and something i can relate to. but apparently if im going to be attacked or outed by someone i dont even know, i will refrain from commenting. i dont like to play childish games and i avoid drama at all costs. you are a great writer and i like the way that you think. i hope you have a great day and again, i'm sorry for the actions of others. its sad the way the world works these days..

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  16. Megan-- consider the source. Seriously. For a person who makes an entire lifestyle out of snooping, sticking their nose in other people's business, and speaking when nobody has any desire to hear what they have to say, nobody should be telling you to 'stay out of' anything. I haven't read the exchange-- and I won't-- but this is yet another example of why this keeps me up at night. Their actions are annoying but manageable. It's the fact that they feel as though they can harass me friends that has caused me such endless grief.

    Granted, I did tell Kristin that if she were to keep contacting me I would get an order of protection-- and I'll gladly rescind that course of action if she has the audacity to speak to me directly-- but she doesn't. She hides behind her laptop and World of Warcraft and uses technology to make herself feel important. What a little coward she is. I guarantee if we lived in the same area she would absolutely refuse to meet me at Starbucks to have an adult conversation. And why should she? It deprives her of the drama upon which she thrives. As a person with no skills or redeemable qualities to offer, she relies on drama to make her mark in the world. I wouldn't even bother responding to her.

    Aside from a single comment on my blog [in response to me posting a screen shot catching her mid-harassment attempt], she hasn't made any effort to contact me-- at least not from her own screename or without the protection of 'anonymous.' She knows my telephone number, email address, and all of my IM info. Yet the only way she can 'speak' to me is through the comments on the blogs of others.

    Grow the fuck up, Kristin. Mutual friends [sorry June] have known you long enough and witnessed the fights you've had with Sene, Mandy, Kelly, etc.-- but you leave my friends out of this. Your behavior is so desperate. No normal person talks about somebody else every single day. No normal person goes out of their way to pester/harass complete strangers just because they are friends with a person they dislike. No normal person can ever have a healthy friendship or relationship with so much baggage.

    According to you, I acted childish towards Brittany [something I take ownership of and regret- when's the last time you ever did a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourself and admitting a wrongdoing?] and that got the ball rolling. It did, yes, but that was Brittany. Not you. As always, you inserted yourself into a conflict that had absolutely nothing to do with you.

    So now you try and tarnish my reputation to anyone who will listen. Much like your junkie cousin [whom you love to treat with scorn and derision- the field of addiction psychology must have changed dramatically since you obtained your degree], I was a very sick person. And you were my biggest psychological enabler, always encouraging me to live on the edge. You disgust me. Shame on you. My problems were my own-- and I did it to myself-- but unlike real friends like Megan you made a mockery of me and never once tried to help a person who was clearly very, very ill.

    So go on. Send me some more fetal development photos asking me how I sleep at night because I had an abortion. And you call yourself a feminist?! Having known you is a complete and total embarrassment.

    I don't want anything to do with you but if it means sacrificing myself to keep you from bothering my friends, so be it.

  17. Thanks for the laugh. I just read this ridiculous comment to Sene and Kelly. You are so utterly ridiculous I can't even respond to the amount of lies filled in this comment. TRY to bring up more irrelevant details about my life! PLEASE!! I am just so glad I stopped confiding in you when I did. Look at you. so sad.

    have fun not reading my response and not responding to me....again.

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  19. I don't recall seeing any lies in there. I think it just upsets you when someone else proves you wrong. boo hoo Kristen. Put your big girl panties on and grow up.

    Oh and lastly.. I noticed something in your first comment on here. NO ONE in this house has "Windows 7" or even uses Google Chrome. You might need to do some more investigating before you try to blame people. God Speed.

  20. Logging in as ryan again to post as him huh? Kelly and I had a good laugh about that. Sene just thinks you're pathetic, and has told me many times not to respond to your psycho behavior. Pretty clever.....pretty clever posting as your manny. Almost as clever as tying hacking into my myspace all up in a nice little bow about "will" "hacking" into my myspace at the exact moment you were online viewing the exact comment you saw about yourself that miraculously got deleted....how clever of "will" to have such impeccable timing. I mean he needs to be studied scientifically, because for that type of immediate response he'd have to be telepathic, at a computer, and memorized my information, or.....be you.

    Glad you admitted starting everything with Brit. That's a step in the right direction. Now admit you posted here on this blog because you knew June was a mutual friend and you were betting I'd see that comment. You ONLY posted it to get a reaction out of me, and to have ANY OTHER REASON IN THE UNIVERSE would be a lie. admit it.

    Thanks for admitting to hacking into my myspace tho. I've got that screenshot. Talked to the attourney general and he said to talk to the local police about hacking into my accounts. I'm going to get an investigator on it right away now that I have those screenshots and an admission of guilt. UNLESS you agree to shut up about anything involving "deleting 2 people out of your life in 2010" in any context meant to barb or boast in any place that you knowingly post it so i can rad it.

    The ball is in your court.

    oh and grow up? I have a job, i'm in nursing school, i pay my own bills, AND i've got good credit......turns out you're the one that needs to grow up. Shouldn't throw stones when you live in mommie's glass house.

  21. this makes me laugh SO hard! whats really funny, kristin, is your little friend brittany already outed the both of you! she tried to "befriend" me right before y'alls major plot to "take sloane down" (in brittanys words) and told me all about it.. starting out with the statement "see, i have this friend.." thinking that im stupid enough NOT to know who it was about? i still have the conversation! she flat out admitted that her and a "former friend" of this "friend" were going to do everything in their power to completely ruin her no matter what it took! she admitted exactly what the both of you planned to do! and by the end she actually stated sloane's name, although being smart enough not to tell her i noticed she said her name, i decided to save the conversation! so whether or not you personally did one thing or another, she already outed you. so maybe you should tell her to watch what she says and who she says it to. sloane was warned before any of this started. AND not to mention that brittany stated this BEFORE the comment sloane left regarding brittany. so it may have expoloded after sloane's comment, but brittany told me it was already planned. and i have this conversation, so you can tell me im lying all day, but i have it straight from her facebook chat to mine. just sayin.

  22. Shut up pothead no one's talking to you.

  23. Girls, shut the hell up. You're all contradicting yourselves and being very "classy" by airing your dirty laundry on this poor girls site. A CHRISTIAN site.